Women Sentenced for Medicaid Fraud

posted Mar 23, 2012, 10:17 AM by Zack Freeman
Women Sentenced for Medicaid Fraud...Valencia County Pair Conned State for $96K
Monday, December 27, 2010

(ALBUQUERQUE)---Mollie Stacey and Deborah Cronn claimed to be each other's caregiver in order to bilk the Medicaid system for more than $96,000; now the women face prison, probation, and restitution.
Prosecuted by Attorney General Gary King's Medicaid Fraud & Elder Abuse Division, the defendants were each sentenced last week by Valencia County District Judge William A. Sanchez following convictions of both women on one count of Medicaid Fraud over $2500, one count of Falsification of Documents, and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Medicaid Fraud.
Mollie Stacey was sentenced to three years imprisonment, while Deborah Cronn was placed on supervised probation for three years and ordered to make restitution. The Medicaid Fraud count is a third degree felony carrying a potential prison term of three years and a $5,000 fine, while the other two counts are fourth degree felonies, each carrying a potential prison term of 18 months and a $5000.00 fine. As a further result of these convictions both women are excluded from employment in any facility participating in a federally-funded healthcare program.
Between March 1, 2005, and October 31, 2007, Stacey and Cronn each received Medicaid and falsely claimed to be disabled to the point of needing additional in-home services from the Medicaid Personal Care Option Program. By submitting requests through different agencies that provide these services and then submitting applications to be each other’s caregiver, the women were each able to receive paychecks based on their submission of timesheets. These false submissions resulted in the payment by the New Mexico Medicaid Program in the amount of $96,264.80.