Governmental Conduct Act Compliance Guide

Governmental Conduct Act Compliance Guide

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The Governmental Conduct Act, NMSA 1978, Chapter 10, Article 16 (“GCA”), was enacted in 1967 as the Conflicts of Interest Act. The current title was enacted as part of an extensive revision to the law in 1993. The law was not significantly amended again until 2007. Those amendments were followed by additional changes in 2009 and 2011.

Until the GCA was amended in 2011, most of its provisions applied only to state officers and employees. In 2011, the law’s coverage was expanded to officers and employees of all political subdivisions of the state and their agencies. The law’s expanded coverage made it crucial that all state and local government officers and employees in New Mexico understand their ethical responsibilities under the GCA, as well as the specific prohibitions and limitations that ensure that public officers and employees conduct themselves solely in the interest of the public. To that end, the Attorney General has issued this Compliance Guide, which is intended to explain the provisions of the GCA and clarify their application to covered officials and employees. In addition, the Guide will enable members of the public to become more knowledgeable about the standards of conduct the GCA requires and assist them in holding their representatives in government accountable to those standards.

Zack Freeman,
Mar 4, 2015, 2:53 PM