Consumer Protection Division
The Attorney General’s office serves the public through education about consumer rights. The Consumer Protection Division works with the public in several ways.

• Education about consumer issues from protection to
new legislation
• Dispute resolution and investigations into suspicious
business practices
• Immigrant consumer services

Immigrant Consumer Services 
While immigration policy is largely a federal issue, 
New Mexico Attorney General Gary King helps ensure that state laws are followed and immigrants are not treated unfairly or unlawfully. New Mexico’s immigrant community deserves protection of its basic rights as consumers and residents.
The Immigrant Consumer Services Unit addresses immigrant-targeted consumer problems as well as other civil matters, especially when the immigrant is a target for abuse.

Immigrant consumer issues reported to the AG’s Office include:
● Services provided by immigration consultants
● Negotiated sales of goods and services in the
 Spanish language and the written final agreement
 only in English
● Sales of motor vehicles, mobile homes, and
 extension of loans